Monday, May 23, 2011

Zoo and Bricktown

On Saturday my mom, sister and I went to the Zoo to see the 5 week old Baby Elephant! : ) She is soooo cute, we also got to see the lions, (pictures below)!
And then today my sister and I went to Bricktown, (pictures below).

Love this pic!

Happened by accident, but I still like it.

Ain't she just cuuute!

So sweet!


Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: on stranger tides, really liked it!

My sister, Brittany
Me : )!


  1. Hey! You got bangs! They look great! :D

  2. Hey! Yup yup! Thanks!
    I'm also gonna try to grow my hair, really long lol. We will see how that goes! lol